Ten-Second Tips for the Kitchen | Corn on the Cob
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Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob

Remove corn silk: An easy way to remove corn silk from corn on the cob is to take a damp paper towel and rub it along the cob.

Husking: To make husking corn much easier, lay cob on your cutting board and simply cut off each end.  You can roll and remove all the husk easily.

When boiling corn on the cob: Instead of adding salt to the boiling water, add a pinch of sugar to bring out the natural sweetness of the corn.

To take corn off the cob, place the ear of corn on top of the center of a bundt pan.  Slice the kernels off the cob and they will fall into the pan.  Also a nice option is to invert a smaller bowl into an upright larger bowl.  Remove the smaller, inverted bowl when done and voila.

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