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Hamburger Patties

To keep flat on a grill:

Make a depression or divot about ½ inch deep in the center of your patty to help your burger cook flat instead of puffy.  The puffiness is caused by fat and connective tissue in the meat.  Trust me, the divot works to make the patty flat!

To divide equally:

Divide the total weight of the burger meat you have by the number of patties you want to make, then mound that weight on your kitchen scale.  Every burger will be the same size.


To make turning food easier when grilling use two skewers instead of one; thread your meat or vegetables using two parallel skewers.  This will make the food stay stationary when flipping and allow the food to cook evenly.


If you run out of propane while grilling many times until I learned this trick:  Boil 1-2 cups of water.  Tilt your propane tank, pour the hot water over it, and put your hand on the tank.  Where the metal is warm, there is no gas; where it is cool indicates the level of propane you have left.