Ten-Second Tips for the Kitchen | Kitchen Tips
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To dress: When dressing a salad with olive oil and vinegar or lemon, always put the acid (vinegar or lemon) on first.  If you add the oil first, it keeps the acid from getting to the greens.

Skinless  potato
Salted Soup Fix

To fix an over salted soup: Peel a potato and drop it in the soup pan. Let it cook in the soup until soft. The potato will be like a magnet for the salt and once removed, your soup should be much less salty. Toss the potato for sure, you won’t want it anyway.

Skim fat

When removing fat from a hot sauce, stew or soup, simply fold a paper towel and dip it in the top of the mixture.  Repeat as necessary.  Another option is to drop an ice cube in the pot for just a few seconds.  The ice will attract the fat like a magnet.  Scoop it out immediately with a slotted spoon.


To squeeze dry: Whether fresh or frozen, this method works great.  Spread your cooked spinach on top of a dinner plate.  Then stack another plate (right side up) on top and press.  While pressing, turn the plates on their side over a sink until all the water is squeezed out.


Turkey or Chicken: The next time you are stuffing a turkey or chicken, make your stuffing as desired, but instead of putting the stuffing right into the cavity of the bird, line a bowl with cheesecloth or get a cheesecloth bag and then stuff that into the bird.  This makes it so much easier to remove the stuffing when you are ready.

If you are stuffing your bird the old fashioned way then use the “heel” of your sliced bread.  Stuff your bird as usual then cover the opening of the carcass with the bread to keep the stuffing from falling out.